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Dr. Kozeschnik Bálint

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Dr. Bálint Kozeschnik
attorney-at-law (H)





Criminal law

Economic and commercial law

Municipal law

Public procurement law

Company law

Law of social organizations

Real Estate law

Media and internet law

Labor law

Antitrust law, product liability and consumer protection



Dr. Bálint Kozeschnik – personally and with the management of his law firm participating in the attorney-at-law association – has significant experience in the fields of national and international company and real estate legal transactions and commercial acquisitions. Furthermore he performs his economic and other criminal law tasks as well. Among his clients there are several local municipalities, so he knows the specialties of this field. He acts and provides consultancy services in procurement processes and appeal cases in connection with this. He arranges the matters of social organizations with the consideration of the specialties of this area of law. He provides help in the administration of the migration and stay of clients arriving from the countries of the European Economic Community or third countries. Besides he is rather active in the connected areas of law in respect of that he has clients either in public or in private sector, furthermore they act in varied industries.  

He provides complex “all round” services to his clients; his pursuit is to serve all needs of the clients to a high standard in one place. He acquired his experiences at an international law firm and at a property holding company, which acts in international area, and these are properly supplemented by his practice at the national law firm.







Budai Központi Kerületi Bíróság, Budapest, gyakornok



Nógrádi Ügyvédi Iroda, Budapest, ügyvédjelölt



Rönky Ügyvédi Iroda, Budapest, ügyvédjelölt



Indotek Befektetési Zrt., Budapest, jogász



KOZESCHNIK Ügyvédi Iroda, Budapest, irodavezető ügyvéd



CEE Lawyers Ügyvédi Társulás, Budapest, partner



Jogi Tanulmányok, Miskolci Egyetem Állam és Jogtudományi kar, Miskolc



Bölcsészettudományi Tanulmányok, Pécsi Tudományegyetem, Pécs, történelem szak



Magyar Újságírók Országos Szövetsége Bálint György Újságíró Iskola, Budapest


Dr. Kozeschnik Bálint - Dr. Stein Barnabás: A termékfelelősség kialakulása és jelenlegi helyzete tekintettel angolszász gyökereire.

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