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Trading, consumer products and services

The purpose of shops and store chains is to sell their products as cost-efficiently as possible which is inconceivable in the traditional form without creating appropriate business premises, employing a qualified staff and conducting effective marketing activities. In order to smoothly implement our client's business strategy, our office provides help in legal issues concerning the establishment of shops such as preparing lease contracts, obtaining the licences necessary for starting the business, making the mandatory reports and creating a security system. In consultation with our clients, we develop the best worktime model for the employees and prepare the employment contracts. We make customized solutions in drafting the client's general terms and conditions, and our experience can also be helpful for clients in issues such as advertising and promotion, formulating the text of promotional coupons, packaging of goods and the handling of the complaints book, buyer complaints and consumer protection issues. Our legal services cover both traditional retail operations and other alternative forms of sale (e.g. franchise, on-line sales).