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Green-field projects

The members of the real estate law workgroup of CEE-Lawyers LP provide legal advice that requires special expertise in relation to green-field projects in Hungary. The essence of green-field projects is that the investor does not purchase a developed industrial site but a much cheaper piece of agricultural land which is then withdrawn from agricultural production and used for an industrial project. According to the current laws, however, neither legal entities, nor foreign private individuals may purchase agricultural land until 2014 therefore green-field projects may only be implemented until the reclassification of the site with the involvement of an intermediate owner (e.g. a local municipality).

CEE-Lawyers provide full-scale legal services from selecting the proper agricultural land through the financing of the green-field project to the obtaining of operating licences for the industrial project. During the green-field project, our office assists the drafting of special real estate purchase contracts between the intermediate owner and the final owner, as well as of the related collateral security and financing contracts, represents the investor in procedures before the Land Registration Office in particular in the withdrawal of the site from agricultural production, and participates in developing the local building regulation and in other environmental protection, monument protection, archaeological and construction authority procedures.