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The partners and attorneys-at-law of CEE-Lawyers LP have decades of experience in the automotive industry, including the car manufacturing and parts supplier sectors, which is becoming a major industrial sector in Central and Eastern Europe.

According to „FAST 2015", a joint study by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and Mercer Management Consulting, the number of manufacturing companies in Germany will be halved by the year 2015. As a consequence, the number of German suppliers is also expected to decrease for the benefit of the Central and Eastern European production sites, i.e. for the benefit of Hungary too, as Hungary with its growing number of car manufacturing companies has become a major site for the domestic and international parts supplier sector.

This shift towards Central and Eastern Europe is not affected by the fact that most of the underlying innovations come from the parts supplier sector. Suppliers have shown growing performance both in production and in development. Today, 78% of the production value, a rate which is continuously growing, originates from suppliers and only 22% from manufacturers.

Accordingly, there has been tremendous pressure on automotive suppliers from several directions. The influencing factors include increasing international competition, cost and price pressure from the manufacturer's side, rising material costs and the attitudes of banks and other financial investors.

Therefore, CEE-Lawyers provides high quality legal advice in every area for supplier firms and enterprises including legal consulting in relation to the foundation and complete establishment of production facilities.