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Bank Financing

The banking law workgroup of CEE-Lawyers LP offers wide-ranging services to both Hungarian and foreign financing credit institutions and to clients who need financing. The services provided by CEE-Lawyers include in particular the preparation of and commenting on the legal documentation of various corporate financing schemes, e.g. general credit line financing, stock financing, subsidized export financing, complex project financing and bank guarantee transactions. Based on its many years of practical experience, the financing workgroup of CEE-Lawyers also provides legal consulting in relation to the refinancing of existing corporate loan debts, and the financial restructuring of companies. Our services offered to corporate clients are supplemented by preliminary legal consulting in relation to the creation of intra-group cash pool systems.

In case of syndicated financing, which creates the basis of structured lending transactions, with particular respect to acquisition financing, we place great emphasis on preparing a credit documentation that complies with both the prevailing international standards and the special Hungarian regulations also taking into consideration the special needs of the client. Our project financing services include preparing the relevant loan documentation, analysing and continuously monitoring contractors' agreements and lease contracts related to the project, and giving advice on the restructuring or disposal of any halted projects.

In addition to the above mentioned areas, the members of our workgroup have extensive experience in the licensing procedures relevant to the cross-border services of foreign credit institutions and other operations in Hungary conducted in different forms of organisation. Finally, one of the special areas of our product development services offered to credit institutions is legal projects aimed at promoting local municipality financing of development projects.