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Restructuring, bankruptcy and winding-up

During the economic crisis, demand has significantly increased for restructuring businesses. Our colleagues at CEE-Lawyers LP have provided legal consulting for many major Central and Eastern European companies in the past years in this field, in particular in the field of construction industry and automotive industry. In respect of Hungarian and foreign cross-border projects, we provide legal representation for our clients both on the debtor's and on the creditor's or bank's side, and after the conclusion of these projects we continued representing these clients until this date. Depending on the specifics of the given restructuring process, we provide complex legal services in the fields of corporate law, winding-up, bankruptcy, financing, labour law and state subsidies. Our wide-ranging professional experience has shown that a company can be successfully restructured with proper legal coordination even under the most adverse market conditions if there is cooperation between the shareholders, a professionally competent management and the financing banks.